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Action on Bullying

Bullying is evident in all areas of life, school being no exception.  This is recognised and therefore the school's action is to focus on preventative measures and to create a climate where children confidently speak out when bullying occurs and that they feel reassured that teachers will respond and support them as necessary.


  •  Identification of what bullying is, through discussion and stories.
  •  Children to take responsibility to ensure that a member of staff is informed when bullying occurs and that this will help the situation and not have unpleasant repercussions.
  •  Encourage children to talk about how it feels to either be a victim or someone who resorts to bullying tactics.
  •  Recognise the undesirable behaviour as opposed to an undesirable person.
  •  How to constructively interact with each other.
  •  Teachers not making negative comparisons about home behaviour and expected standards of school.
  •  The practice of role play situations to demonstrate bullying behaviours and   possible solutions.
  •  The encouragement of an understanding towards equal opportunities and to be supportive towards children/people who are different
  •  Monitoring incidents and giving rewards for positive behaviour from a 'bully'.

These actions will be implemented by:

  •  The class teacher in discussion time and circle time.
  •  Intervention by the Head Teacher with small groups or classes.
  •  Assembly times to encourage co-operation and identify specific issues.
  •  Intervention and support by the Playleader
  •  Support at the listening post