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Behaviour and Discipline

The creation of a happy, work-orientated school atmosphere where motivated, caring, courteous people work is not accidental. It requires a lot of effort from staff, children and parents alike. It is not only during lesson time that lessons are learnt, nor is the classroom the only place where strong moral values are important. Wherever we are in the school or its grounds, whichever activity we are involved in, we expect the highest standards of  behaviour, consideration and courtesy from all our citizens.


 Everyone in our school is expected to show respect for one another regardless of age, race or sex. Everyone in our school is expected to show respect for other people's property and belongings. This includes the school building and it's surroundings.The key to good discipline is common expectations and procedures with regard to special circumstances that need sensitivity and flexibility.


 We believe that the most effective way of promoting the appropriate behaviour is by emphasising positive behaviour through the system of rewards and encouragement. 

 Action to support this has to include preventative measures and consistency. There is a policy in school that is reviewed annually.