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Lydney Voice

The Objectives of Lydney Voice are:



• To work in close partnership with the school to create a welcoming school, inclusive to all parents.
• To promote partnership between the school, its pupils and all its parents.
• To identify and represent the views of parents on the education provided by the school and welfare of its pupils.
• To have an inclusive approach to the skills, needs and opinions of the local community.
• To work in partnership with the School Council.
• To provide a positive forum for change.


• Membership will be a minimum of 3 parents or carers of children attending the school. The upper limit is 14 parents with, where possible, two representatives from each year group.
• Members can serve as part of Lydney Voice for a maximum of 2 years after which they may put themselves forward for re-selection if they wish.
• Any parent/carer can volunteer to be part of Lydney Voice. In the event of volunteers exceeding the number of places then membership will be through a voting process.
• By invitation, Lydney Voice may opt for additional representation from members of the local community for an agreed period of time e.g. local church, business. This may support specific school/community development projects.


• Lydney Voice will be chaired by a parent representative to be decided on immediately following its formation.
• The secretary will be decided by Lydney Voice immediately following its formation.
• Meetings will take place at least 3 times per year, once per old term. Dates will be agreed to suit the majority members to encourage attendance. The Secretary will give members at least 2 full weeks notice of the meeting and circulate notice of the matters to be discussed at the meeting.
• Lydney Voice will report to the Head Teacher 3 times per year via meeting minutes or a Lydney Voice meeting.
• Copies of minutes of the meetings will be available to all parents of children at the school and teachers. Copies will be available from the Secretary to Lydney Voice and the school office.
• As the voice of parents and the local community, Lydney voice will write a report annually on its activities within the school community and report to the Governors.