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17th September 2015

Friends meeting 17th September 2015

Present Karen g, Jo, Laura and Guy Apologies Margaret and Callie.

We Talked allot about raising profile of friends to encourage new members. One of the ways we could do this could having a big project to work towards. Something like a trim trail, we could have a visual barometer outside showing progress of money raised. Guy will talk to school council next week to see what ideas they may have.

We talked about what we can do to raise money with such a small group. Continue with raffles at plays and nativity. Bag to school is booked for 13th October, Christmas cake sale and chocolate hamper raffle. Callie has offered to organise Christmas tea towels. Karen g will look at possibility of joining with Alyburton friends to do a Christmas shopping evening event. Jo will email Emma re dates for bag packing at Tesco’s and confirm with Callie Christmas tea towel fundraiser.

A.G.M 8th October at 3:15 at school, Guy and school council will advertise this meeting for us and launch fund raising idea? Trim trail to encourage more people to come and join us. All positions are available and open for nominating.