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AGM 8th October 2015

Friends A. G.M 8th October 2015.

Present Karen g, Jo, Laura, Sue, Callie, Margaret, Claire and Guy Apologies none.

All elected members stepped down, Karen g was elected Chair nominated by Faye and seconded by Jo. Laura was elected secretary nominated by Jo and seconded by Karen. Sue was elected treasurer nominated by Margaret and seconded by Laura.

We looked at income and expenditure report we donated £2673.62 to school last year. With current balance at £2119.35. Guy is going to speak to staff and get together a wish list to see how they would like the money we raise this year to be spent. The school council are in favour of a trim trail.

We discussed friend’s page of the school web site which needs up dating. The new school web page goes live this week so Karen and Jo will meet with Guy next week to load friend’s page with new info. Karen proposed we have a dedicated friend’s email address to make communication with us easier for parents and the wider community. Guy will speak to Karen Olley to set this up.

We discussed future fund raising events we all really missed the Christmas bazaar last year and felt with our larger group this could be possible proposed date 10th December after school. We will meet next week to start planning. Laura will start inviting stall holders, Jo will email Claudia re cake stall. Sue offered to start getting parents to help on stalls. Guy is going to decide on a date for non-uniform day to bring in items for tombola and hamper.

Karen proposed setting up an easy fund raising scheme were when you shop on line you enter a code at the check outs and they make a donation to school fund with Christmas coming we all felt this was a good idea. Karen g will set this up

We discussed jointly hosting an event with Alyburton friend’s maybe next year Karen g will look into this.

Margaret proposed a cake sale at Tesco’s as we cannot pack bags there again they are only accepting registered charities. Margaret will find a date for us to do that.

Bag to school 13th October.

End of term disco 12th February 2016 Laura will look into entertainment options for this.

Callie has the drawings back for pupils for Christmas tea towels and will get them to printers this month.

Next meeting 15th October at 3:15 at school.