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Breakfast Club

Breakfast club is available to all children attending the school and those that attend Lydney Early Learners.

The breakfast club provides a safe and welcoming place for your child/children before the school day starts.

A morning breakfast session costs £3.25.  Fees to be paid through the secure online ParentPay website.

The Breakfast Club is able to accommodate your child from 8.00 to 8.45am. Breakfast is served between 8.00 and 8.30.



The club offers a varied and nutritious breakfast. This consists of:

Toast served with a variety of spreads and jams. 
A selection of cereals 
A selection of drinks

After the children have eaten their breakfast and cleared away, the club provides stimulating activities until the start of school.

These include:

Outdoor games 
Board games 
Art and craft activities
Circle time games

The club is staffed according to adult/child ratio.

Children who attend the breakfast club are expected to adhere to the school's Behaviour Policy.


Breakfast Club Application Form