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@Bristol 15th April

Wow, what a day!

Today we travelled to @Bristol to have a science day filled with investigation and fun. After a short bus journey to Bristol, we arrived at @Bristol where we were given wristbands. The wristbands meant that we could record things that we had done there and see them at home.

First, we dropped our bags off in our designated area around the space rockets and then split off into our groups to explore further. While we were exploring, we were called to the planetarium where we were in for a treat. We blasted off into space to learn more about the our solar system and beyond. The 3D experience was 'out of this world' ,we tried reaching for the planets but they just seemed to be out of touch.

After returning back to Earth we were given the chance to go and explore the different exhibitions.

Our favourites included:

  • The food exhibition, where we were able to make flour, milk a cow and learn how energy from food is burned.
  • Animate It, where we were able to stage and record our own animation and the best bit was that we could scan our wristbands and can now see them at home.
  • What it feels like to be a baby inside the womb.
  • The giant hamster wheel which powered a water fall.

A great day was had by all and we all have lots to think about back in school.