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Class 4 Photos

Sorry for the late upload Emily! From a couple of weeks ago...

You can see:

  • VE day story-This was based on Emily's great nan who is 93 and lived through the 2nd world war. While living in Bristol, before she joined the land army and ended up working on a farm in Bream where she still lives today. Unfortunately we could only talk to her over the phone so missed out on seeing her photos and medal.
  • Cloud diary - Done over 5 days. 
  • River Severn - Emily produced a hand written leaflet. 
  • Emily cooked for the whole family on Saturday night.  She decided at the start of the week they'd have her version of KFC.  She designed a menu and they had to choose what they wanted. With little supervision she made homemade chicken burgers coated in breadcrumbs and bitesize chicken coated in corn flakes with fries, corn on the cob and a milkshake. It was lovely. Mum was left with the washing up though! 
  • Emily was happy this week when the ice cream van turned up in the street.  Emily and her brother both had a screwball with a flake, sauce and sprinkles.
  • Emily's newspaper article from The Daily Star is also avaliable to read in the link above. 

Emily what amazing work from you!! WOW!


Ruby 1
Ruby sent a photo of the strawberry plant she's been growing. I hope they're as delicious as they look!

This week Layla:

  • Really enjoyed the science experiment making the rice bounce. 
  • Worked very hard with her newspaper report and really found it interesting researching all about the oil spill.
  • Used lots of different colours with colouring her wildlife picture and worked very hard in it. 
  • Has also been enjoying the sunshine with her little sister playing in her paddling pool. They have had lots of water fun with washing all the toy cars too. Lots and lots of fun!!
  • Enjoyed experimenting with finding all sort of technology she now understands it not just an I pad or laptop. 

WOW such super work! Keep it up laugh

Layla's trampoline skills!

Still image for this video

PE in the garden

Still image for this video

Sorry it's a little late, I've been a bit behind sharing work but I wanted to share all of Layla's amazing pictures and videos!


She has:

  • Really enjoyed the rainbow activity she was so excited to see it grow. 
  • Ras so amazed by making the rain activity she loved it. But we made red rain instead of blue as we only had red food colouring. 😂
  • Made up her own recipe of a star and heart delight and actually made it which was great fun. 
  • Decided to make it more interesting she would make her water themed picture of her chalk board outside. 
  • Showed great interest in the balloon activity watching it freeze and then melt again. 
  • Has been busy showing us her tricks on the trampoline and we made an obstacle course in the back garden which was great fun. 
  • Is growing her own sunflowers and they are getting very tall now.
  • Had fun in the garden over the weekend finding snails and she has been looking after them very well.
  • Has also been very helpful painting the fence with her Daddy. 

surprise Brilliant!


Wiktor has found some new books he is really enjoying. He is even on the sequal already! He has completed a brilliant poster about pollution and you can see his newspaper report on the main page. Great work - keep it up!


Will 1
Will researched and put a lot of effort into his poster - great job!


Still image for this video
Julian wanted me to share with you how he has been managing to keep up with his swimming! Looks fantastic Julian and I'm so jealous of your lovely pool.