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Class 6 have been busy!

Cole thought about material and shape when thinking about his parachute investigation. Great scientific thinking Cole! Well done.

Read the next part of stranded! Also find out about the creature called "the Ttoucan"

A new species has been invented by Harry called "The Slonkey".

Dougie has invented a new species called the "Lesser Winged Forest Chickadee". Find out all about it.

Jessica has written a non-chronological report about her new species of insect that she has discovered.

Some entries from Dougie for the photo challenge- noisy birds!!

Great work from Nathan!

Lewis has been really busy this week.

Another great story to read, this time from Dougie.

Some super art work from Rosie, Adam and Dougie.

Read this super 'Stranded ' story by Rosie as it will have you on the edge of your seat!

Jessica has worked hard on her dialogue in this part of her stranded story.

Nathan has also include some other work that he has been busy doing this week. Great work Nathan!

Nathan has been busy boat building and testing! His design even coped with a fast flowing stream! My boat held £9.19 (5px 97, 20px5,12x10p, 44x 2p and 126 x1p).

Still image for this video

Harry also has some work to share from the challenges which were set this week..

I think Harry would be a good person to be stranded with if he can build such a shelter!

Look at Cole's super collage inspired by the art work of Hokusai.

Jessica has used the paintings of Hokusai to inspire her lost at sea picture. Great work Jessica.

A great letter which is asking for help. It has been written by a desperate Josh!

Amelia has had a really busy week!

Make sure you read the Stranded diary by Dougie- not to be missed!

Rosie has written a super opening to her stranded story. While reading it you will be able to imagine that you are really there!

Jake has drawn a super map of his island.

Maya has written a super start to her stranded story. She describes the setting very vividly. Why not have a read!

Harry has been busy and has lots of super work to share . Why not take a look....

Harry's map of his island.

Sophie has lots of super work to share- Read her island writing- it is very vivid and a little bit spooky!

Sophie has shared a super description of her island. Read all about it.

Jessica had designed an island where she has been stranded and she has also drawn her island.It seems like a mysterious sort of place!

Freya has changed the proportions of her recipe from 12 to 24 scones. It looks like a tasty recipe!

Leyland has designed a great island and made this super map.

Connie has found out about an island called Guadeloupe. Read all about it.

Amelia has written a super letter from her island to her dad!

Nathan has been finding out about the Seychelles which looks like an amazing place to visit!

Cole has thought of some super words for his A_Z of emotions, well done Cole.

Adam has been busy writing his poem about lockdown and has also made and tested his boat.

Jessica has been finding out about Barbados and has made a very informative Powerpoint.

Dougie has written a super haiku, well done Dougie.

Harriet has made an unsinkable boat!

Still image for this video

Find out about Lizard Island!

Harry has written a great brochure about the Bahamas. Read all about it!

Rosie has sent me her homework which I have enjoyed reading. The holiday brochure has definitely persuaded me to visit Hawaii! I also enjoyed reading her Haiku. Well done Rosie.

Josh has created a super powerpoint about Easter Island. He has also sent me a great letter from Easter Island!

Harry has had a really busy first week and has lots to share with us. Have a look and find out more about the Bahamas.

Another great poem - this time it is written by Cole.

Harriet has created a great likeness I think in her 'All about me' picture.

Maya has shared some of the work she has been doing. I think her lockdown poems are very wise. I also think that the Caribbean looks like a beautiful place in the pictures.

Isobel has been busy during lockdown but still is looking forward to getting back to normal

Rosie has enjoyed reading Kensuke's Kingdom and also found out about Hawaii. In addition she has written a heartfelt lockdown poem. Great work Rosie.

Cole has made an extremely informative PowerPoint about Madagascar with some brilliant transitions! Well done Cole.

Another fantastic lockdown poem, we can see what Josh is missing!

Dougie has thought of some great random acts of kindness so he can play his part.

Harriet has chosen to write her letter from Skomer Island.

Dougie has written an awesome poem!

Sophie has written a great Lockdown poem and she seems to be having a good time teaching her cat a few things!

Bailey has written a super poem about how he feels about lockdown. Well done Bailey.