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Inspirational Maths Week

Inspirational Maths Week

To start off inspirational maths week, we watched a video all about how our brains grow. We then looked at a dot pattern that showed all about how people see and understand maths in different ways. After, we looked at ways to splitting a rectangle into squares and were tasked with trying to find the fewest number of squares that would fit in the rectangle.

Then, we continued our inspirational maths. Today’s video was all about

how mistakes help our brains to grow. We then looked at graphs and answered different questions using the graph. After, in partners, we created

our own graphs all about a topic of our choice. We then swapped our graphs and interpreted someone else's.


On Thursday,  we began with a video all about believing in ourselves and how people who believe they can do something make their brains grow quicker than people who don’t. After that, we looked at a stair pattern and independently showed how we saw the pattern changing. As you can see in the pictures, there were lots of different ways people saw the pattern.

We then used manipulatives to create the next figure in the sequence. Then we were challenged to make the tenth figure. Everybody showed they believed in themselves and tried to complete this challenge. Some of us even had to find the pattern that used 66 squares.