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Musical Instruments

Musical Instrumentslaugh

Class 4 have been working hard this week to create their own musical instrument. This term they are investigating 'sound' in science and are able to use skills from design and technology and music to create their own unique sound. Take a look at some of the work I have been sent so far!

Somewhere over the rainbow by Julian Ray

Still image for this video
Julian has used a variety of glass bottles filled with different amounts of water to create sounds. He  used his home made instruments to play Somewhere Over the Rainbow for us. I am so impressed and think he has done a brilliant job! Honorary STAR OF THE WEEK for Julian. Well done!laugh

Ethan's Cardboard Harp

Ethan's Cardboard Harp 1 Careful cutting
Ethan's Cardboard Harp 2 A helpful hand
Ethan's Cardboard Harp 3 Getting there
Ethan's Cardboard Harp 4 A work in progress
Looking great so far Ethan! We can't wait to see the final version (and maybe a video of the sound it makes too). Well done yes

Julian's Saxophone Skills!

Still image for this video
Probably not a musical instrument he made at home... but even so an inspirational performance from Julian for you to enjoy. Well done and send us more!