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Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Learningcool

I have been thrilled to see so many children in Class 4 learning outside. The weather has been perfect and it's a great way to stay healthy and happy. 

Charlie's active outdoors

Charlie's active outdoors 1 Remote control boat in the stream
Charlie's active outdoors 2 Digging a 200m long woodland track!
Charlie's active outdoors 3 Backflips on the trampoline
Charlie has been very busy recently: he has been helping his dad with the mini digger and the woodland track is coming on well, he is able to backflip on the trampoline and he is sailing his remote control boat around their garden stream. It sounds idyllic! 

Abi's countryside walks

Abi's countryside walks 1 Cow spotting at Red Hill
Abi's countryside walks 2 High up in the trees
Abi has been outdoor and active recently going on lots of walks. She has made friends with cows in Red Hill and braved her fear of heights by sitting in a big tree in the woods. I wonder where she will go next (and hopefully send us more photos).