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Planet Rambump

Music Composition


As part of our work on the planets class 2 have invented their own planet – Rambump!

In our music lessons we have composed music about this planet. First we listened to music by 20thcentury English composer Gustav Holst from his suite  ‘The Planets.’ He gave his planets the character of the Roman god they were named after, so the music for Mars (the god of war) was loud, fast and used brass instruments and drums. Venus, ( the bringer of peace) was described with gentle, quiet, flowing music.


We then discussed which features of planet Rambump could be described in sound. Class 2 decided on: a long way away, 4 moons, rivers, caves, hot spots, snow and one legged aliens who hopped everywhere!


Next the children worked in groups to discuss what type of sounds would represent each feature. From a selection of instruments and other sound makers the groups decided how to create the sounds they wanted. Finally the children decided how to structure the music. They wanted to start and finish with the ‘a long way away’ music. Once at the planet, the listener is met by the aliens who then lead the way round the planet, visiting each of the other features in turn.


After several rehearsals of the complete composition, class 2 recorded their music. When they listened to it they were very pleased and felt it represented the characteristics of their planet Rambump. They also had great fun composing and playing the music!


Watch this space for photos and a sound file of the performance!