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This is a page created by the workshop Nifty Newshounds. We are learning how our school website is made by reporting on things that happen around the school and creating our page using Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver is website making software often used in seconday schools and is what Ali used to create and update our school website. We have seen how Dreamweaver lets you make a website page without having to know how to write HTML ('Hyper Text Markup Language' sounds fancy!) code. You can put pictures and write text where you want it to appear on the page then Dreamweaver creates the code needed to make the webpage. It is called 'what you see is what you get' website software. The page is then uploaded to the Internet using a different software called an FTP (File Transfer Protocol' a fancy name for uploading files to the internet) uploader. This sends the files for the webpage to the servers (where files are stored to be viewed by anyone) that our website host (the people who own the servers) uses. It's more complicated than we thought! :)