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Reception's Brilliant Home Learning

Zachary has been a super star by doing some great writing, labelling Brown Bear's items. Your handwriting is getting fantastic, well done! Mummy also said that you have made some wonderful cupcakes, I hope they tasted as good as they sounded! It's great to hear that you are being helpful at home too Zachary.

Zara has learnt to ride her bike without stabilizers! What a clever girl. There will be no stopping you now! Zara has been finding beautiful bluebells while going on lovely family walks. What a great way to learn 'the days of the week' Zara by reading the names and putting them into the correct order. You are working so hard and having so much fun too!

Wow Zara, you have been such a busy bee! You have worked so hard on making sure all of your work is beautiful and neat. Brown Bear will be so happy with his choice of meal... Pancakes and Nutella are his absolute favourite thing to have for breakfast! We love your Grass head. He looks very friendly and quite nosey too!! It is also great to hear that you are reading so much. Keep up the good work Zara. We think you are great!

Immy and Ava have been having a wonderful time finding exciting hidden places on their walks. I would love to find that waterfall! Brown Bear is so happy to see you both working so hard with your written work and also remembering to do lots of exericise too. Keep up the great work Immy and Ava!

Ben has been very busy using his amazing imagination to make up lots of wonderful stories and he has made a beautiful rainbow with his family for their window, I love it! His big brother and sister, Noah and Matilda, kindly made him some coins for his egg box treasure chest. He has been using them to help with counting up to 20. It's lovely to see that Ben still very much likes his Santa costume and frogs! He has also celebrated his 5th birthday, so a huge happy belated birthday Ben, your cake looks yummy!

Tayo has been very busy at home helping to plant lovely flowers in his garden. He has even been remembering to water them everyday, well done Tayo, they look beautiful. He has also been helping his Daddy make scones, they look really delicious and I bet they tasted yummy! Thank you for sending us your lovely photos Tayo.

Ella was very happy to hear from Brown Bear as she is missing school lots. She has been managing to keep herself busy, here are some beautiful photos of the things that she has been up to whilst she is at home. She has even had a special visit from the tooth fairy as she has lost two teeth!! What lovely photos Ella, thank you for sharing them with us.

Lottie has been very busy at home. She has been on lots of nature walks, made marvellous creations out of cardboard boxes that her Mummy kindly bought for her, as well as doing Yoga and lots of reading. She has even posted a video of her singing 'Any Dream Will Do' to Andrew Lloyd Webber's Facebook page and he gave her a special shout out, I even found it on his Facebook page Lottie! He said that, 'She was a very talented little girl' and he thinks 'she is really very good'. Well done you Lottie, what a little superstar you are!

It looks like Eddie has been very busy at home. Here are some photos of the things that he has been getting up. I love the beautiful Spring picture of daffodiles that he painted for us, thank you Eddie.

Zosia helped to decorate their Easter cake. Well done Zosia, it looks beautiful. She has been very busy this week doing all her home learning, but she still found time to make clay models, paint and make a really yummy looking apple cake!