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Science Day

Our science investigation day started off with a special science assembly. During the assembly we were 'wowed' by Boffin John and his amazing experiments. We then went back to our classroom to carry out our very own science investigation, 'Do oil and water mix?' We had great fun creating a whole class lava lamp and then we made our own glitter, oil and water experiments in little bottles. We found out that oil and water do not mix, it didn't matter how much we shook our bottles, they always separated again! We thought the oil was the heavier liquid and that it would sink to the bottom, but we were wrong, the oil always stayed on the top! So we found out that oil floats on the surface because water is heavier than oil. Scientists say that the water is more dense than the oil, and this is why the oil didn't sink to the bottom of the bottle! We all had a great science investigation day.