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School uniform embroidered with the school logo is available to view in the office 
and can be ordered online at or 

Polo shirts, sweatshirts, zipped fleeces, cardigans, reversible waterproof jacket:    

sizes    5-6







Pinafore or skirt         -       Grey/Navy

Blouse or shirt            -       White

Summer Dress            -       Blue/White

Cardigan/Sweatshirt/Fleece   -       Royal Blue

Trousers are permitted

Trousers, short or long       -     Grey

Shirt, short or long sleeve  -     White

Sweatshirt/Fleece               -     Royal Blue

Shoes for girls and boys  -  Preference is for sensible shoes.

 Most of the uniform can be brought at local shops, but those few special items in the school colours with the school badge embroidered on can be ordered from or Via Tesco, pictures available on uniform page on website.

Sample sizes are held in the school office.

P. E. Kit for both Girls & Boys

White T-shirt, black shorts and daps or trainers with non-marking soles.

 All clothing should be clearly marked with the child's name and children should not bring valuables that have to be left in the cloakroom.

 We also advise against the wearing of jewellery and watches, earrings will also have to be removed and the school will not accept responsibility for the safe keeping of these items.