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Victorian Museum Trip

Class 2 had a fantastic time this week when they visited Gloucester Life museum with Class 3. As part of our 'Towers, Tunnels and Turrets' topic this term, we have been learning about Queen Victoria and what it was like to be a child when she was on the throne.


To help us really imagine what this was like, we got to visit a Victorian Classroom and meet a Victorian schoolteacher. We even had to dress up in the clothes they would have worn and pay for our lessons with a penny! It was a very strict school day. We started off by exercising in lines of boys and girls, before going into the very small classroom to recite the school motto: 'Never absent, never late!'. We had to sit on hard wooden benches and could only speak if we were spoken to. We had chalk boards to write on but you were not allowed to use your left hand. The teacher had a big stick and she sent some of us to the back of the room if we got anything wrong or were not paying attention. Some of us were made to put our hands in the air or stand on one leg to improve our listening skills. A little later we got to do some handwriting practise but we could only use quills and ink. It was hard work!


As well as experiencing what a Victorian class was like, we had a Christmas workshop - it was the same teacher but she was much nicer and we were able to play with Victorian toys and decorate a Christmas tree. We also had some time to explore the museum and look at all the different exhibitions. It was so much fun and we definitely learnt a lot of new things.