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Week 5 - 18th to 22nd May

Home Learning - Week 5

Hello again Class 4,


Once again I have been so impressed with the work you have sent my way! I absolutely love all of your pictures and emails so please keep them coming my way. 


A little update from me. This week we FINALLY finished painting our house. It looks so much better and was definitely worth all the hard work. The nights were quite cold so we had to make sure our vegetable plants didn't get damaged by the frost. We cleared the path to our back door - that was hard work! We are now running for 28 minutes and have almost completed the couch to 5k (unfortunately I'm running so slowly I am only currently running 3.2km but at least that's without stopping). Here are some pictures for you to enjoy!

This week I'm delighted to share Ellie's English work with you. We've made it into a video and Ellie has narrated it herself. I was blown away with the effort she put in and would like to give her a massive round of applause! yes 


Sit down, relax and enjoy... Nancy's War by Ellie Court.


Video link:

Nancy's War

Nancy and her brother James experience life as evacuees during the Second World War.


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