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Week 7

Hello Class 6, 


Thank you to everyone who emailed me this week, it was lovely to hear from you. I'm more than happy to upload pictures of your work or even just what you're up to over lockdown. If you'd like anything on the website send it to


Firstly, let me encourage you to all try and get onto, it is free to use but you will need to make an account with an adult first. Once you're in you put in the unique code which is: 6QYNJDB and then you can see our wonderful shared library of books. So far Cole, Sophie and Harriet have contributed and they've blown me away with their skills but I'd love to see more of you on there. Take a look at the screenshot below, it will show you what the library looks like. 


Above you can also see a new page to click on. On there you will see the wonderful photos from Rosie, what a great job she has done! She sent them by email and I'm pleased she did. Any work/photos you send over during the week I'll upload for you on the weekend. 


Take care and email lots,

Miss Larkham x