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Week Four - 11th - 15th May

Hello all you lovely Reception children,


We are all missing you so much, as are Brown Bear, Sammy Snake and Polly Parrot. They say a big hello to you all.

I been busy helping my children with all their school home learning work and in between we have been for lots of lovely walks and cycle rides. We have loved seeing all the bluebells in the woods near our house and we have also enjoyed seeing lots of deer and wild boar, we didn’t get to close to those!

I have also been doing lots of gardening and we have planted sunflowers, courgettes, tomatoes, peas, lettuce, cucumbers, radishes and spinach. We have even had a visitor in our garden over the past couple of days, Mr slow worm. Ellie was very brave and held it, I only gave it a very tiny stroke! When we’re not out in our garden Sophie, Ellie and William keep wanting to cook and bake, they are now getting much better at tidying up their mess afterwards! They made me two very lovely birthday cakes, Sophie made one and Ellie and William made me the other one. They couldn’t decide on what to make so that’s why I ended up getting two (one was chocolate and one was a lemon) they were both very yummy! While I’m writing this they are making a banana loaf and chocolate chip flapjack.

I know Mrs Jones has been busy helping her children with their school work and she has also been going for lots of walks near her house. She says a big hello to you all and sends you lots of love. We have loved getting your emails and photos, please keep sending them to us at:

Lots of love Mrs Court x

Hi Reception Class!


I am definitely keeping busy in my house with my four children. We have been walking to the woods behind my house to make dens to hide in and finding beautiful bluebells. They are my favourite colour and smell so nice! My girls like climbing high trees and the boys love rolling down hills, really fast! It was my Birthday last week and like Mrs Court, my children couldn’t decide which flavour cake to make me so I also got two! One chocolate and one Vanilla. They decided to have a ‘bake off’ but I couldn’t choose a favourite, as they were both so delicious! They popped a number 6 candle on my cake but I have a funny feeling I'm quite a bit older than this! I also got a 'sand and mud' ice-cream which you can see in the photo's. Not quite as delicious but still very nice! I am growing Sunflowers in my garden and today is the first time that I can see them starting to sprout! If you are growing anything at home, please send us your photographs. I will share my sunflower photo’s when they start to grow more! Keep safe everyone. I miss you all lots and can’t wait to see you soon.  

Love Mrs Jones