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What have Class 4 been up to this week?

Class 4's Fantastic Work!

Class 4 have been working hard again this week. Keep scrolling to see what they have been up to. A huge well done from me, keep it up!laugh

Wiktor's working week!

Keep up the hard work Wiktor, it sounds like you have been having fun learning at home this week. You've been experimenting with the changing state of water and cooking a delicious apple pie in the kitchen. English and maths are completed too! I can't wait to see what you get up to next week.

Emily keeping busy!

Emily has been working hard this week, she has completed all the English and maths tasks as well as keeping on top of her spellings. She keeps active doing PE with Joe Wicks everday then goes out once a day for either a bike ride, walk or on her scooter. She is so lucky as she can walk to the boating lake and the docks from her house. It sounds like you're having a wonderfun time Emily, keep up the great work!

'An Evening on the Beach' - Julian Ray

'An Evening on the Beach' - Julian Ray 1 An Evening on the Beach
Julian would like to share his work with you, "An evening on the beach". A work in felt tip. He based it on a painting they have in the house (seen below). Beautiful Julian yes
Picture 1 The original

Oscar's keeping busy

Oscar's keeping busy 1 An Underwater World - Oscar Nutting

This week, Oscar has been working hard on MyMaths and ''I think it's alright!'' - I'm glad to hear it! He has been speaking to his Nanny and Paps in French and is asking some questions. He has been getting excited about our new topic all about water and has drawn a water picture (he says sorry for the scribble but Harry helped!).  It's great to see what you're up to Oscar, keep emailing. laugh

Harry's working hard

Harry has been working his way through the schoolwork and doing lots of other things as well! He painted bunting, made some book marks and bug attractors and sent poems to Rodley House to name but a few things. Sounds busy busy busy Harry and it looks like you're having a graet time with your wonderful family. Can't wait to hear from you again!

Ethan and Holly

This week Ethan has got stuck into his maths and started his hedgehog diary too. Holly has been helping him learn some French and they played a French game nanny bought them to try. You'll never guess what, they also had an apple pie! Ethan said, ''Mummy made a apple pie for after dinner that was yummy so I'm happy about that''. 

Jano: Hedge Hoger by Julian Ray

Julian has worked very hard this week, he has shown me all of the amazing work he has done and even created his very own comic book (links above). Take a look and let me know what you think so I can share it with Julian. 


Below you can find some music he composed. If you (or a family member) are able to read music, why not have a go at playing it and send me a video. 

Map Reading - Oscar and Ashley

Map Reading - Oscar and Ashley 1 Oscar and Ashley


Today Oscar and Ashley have begun their map reading skills.

They have covered OS Maps.

Scaling of Maps.

How to take a 4 figure grid reference (along the corridor and up the stairs).

Map Keys.

How to plan a route.

The boys are now busy designing their own maps and things to find using the grid reference system.

They have also covered the 16 points of a compass and have drawn their own compass (Oscar's is below).

WOW boys, what an amazing job you have done! laugh

Picture 1 Oscar's compass

Emily's hard work!

Above you will see Emily's diary entry for finding a hedgehog and her speech for Max and the bird - she has done a wonderful job and is working so hard!  You can also see photos of Emily doing the balloon experiment, before and after it was put in the freezer and what happened to it during the day. It wasn't that warm a day so took until early evening before it turned back into liquid. Fantastic work Emily, keep it up!laugh

Work from William!

This week Will was interested in the Science and froze balloons. He then looked at them and watched them melt.  We looked at the steam from the kettle and put a pan lid over it to demonstrate condensation.  William was so into the freezing that he froze water with food colouring in water balloons.  Oddly, the green came out blue and the yellow didn’t show up at all (perhaps it had run out!).


Today William is dressed as Kylo Ren as it’s May the 4th and Rise of Skywalker is coming out on Disney+! He saw something on the internet about making toothpaste dots and found that it is was quite hard squeezing the toothpaste with his gloves on! We can't wait to see your creation Will!


Super work!laugh