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What have Class 5 been doing?

Alfie has been working really hard on his writing these past few weeks! Check out his lovely poem and super story! Fantastic presentation, Alfie!
Alice has written a cracking newspaper report this week and has produced some brilliant science work all about animals in the Arctic Tundra. She has also been celebrating her brother's birthday. Happy Birthday, Tommy! 
George has produced some more fantastic work this week! He has worked hard to create a super Rainforest Diorama and has put together a fab quiz all about animals! I got six out of eight and learned a couple of new facts along the way! How will you do?
Alice has created a wonderful Rainforest Diorama! I've really enjoyed spotting all the different layers and wildlife! Brilliant effort, Alice!
Dillon has written a super poem about one of his favourite games this week! Can you guess what it is? Read his poem to find out!
Lacey has been busy researching VE Day and has made a beautiful display for her garden gate to celebrate the day! Great work, Lacey!
Renee has created a fantastic Rainforest Diorama displaying the different plants and animals that you might find there! I especially like the leopard poking out from the undergrowth!

Imogen has been working hard at home with Angel her dog as a study buddy! She has not only been completing her Maths and English Home Learning but has also been coding, learning to touch type, doing daily zoom sessions with her gymnastics friends and has even created an interesting bathroom art installation! Click on the link below to see some of Imogen's cool coding!

Renee has been doing a brilliant job with her home learning! She has created a super poem about Coco the cat and has also been a science superstar! Check out her carefully dissected flower and plant reproduction poster below! Keep up the the great work, Renee!
Renee is putting super effort into all her work! She has researched facts about the Amazon to put together a fab project and has written a wonderfully imaginative story entitled 'Mission to Mars'. You'll never believe what they discover on the Red Planet! (Have a read below to find out!)
Alice has created some wonderful work this week! Take a look below at her presentation all about the Amazon, her intricate flower sketch and super poem inspired by her hamster - Daisy!
George has had a fantastic week! He has been playing basket ball, building lego, watching Star Wars and making Pizza! Yum! Somehow he has even managed to squeeze in lots of brilliant work too! Check out his excellent PowerPoint on the Amazon and his beach-inspired poem, complete with a lovely illustration! I especially enjoyed reading his travel plans from Lydney to the Amazon! Next year's residential? 
Cooper has had another productive week and has created some fantastic work! His acrostic poem really sums up this moment in time and it is presented brilliantly! Bravo, Cooper! yes

Freddie has been working hard at home and has also been very busy exploring the woods each day! He has found his green fingers and has created a vegetable garden that will hopefully feed his family through the lock down! At the moment, Freddie is growing potatoes, beetroot and carrots, as well as raspberries, peas, sweetcorn, peppers and herbs! Wow!

Check out the photos below!

Cooper has been a computer whizz this week and has whipped up not one but two super presentations for us to enjoy. Check out his Amazon Rainforest PowerPoint to discover lots of interesting facts about the plants and animals that you might find there! He has also made a great Science Poster that explains sexual and asexual reproduction in plants, complete with examples and handy pictures! Keep up the amazing effort!
Alice has mastered this week's science work and has created a fantastic poster to explain the different ways plants reproduce! Thanks for sharing all this super information!

Cooper has also been a super scientist this week! After learning all about the different parts of flowers and their functions, he dissected a tulip and identified each part! I'm really impressed as this is tricky to do!

Cooper has been a SPaG MACHINE this past week, completing all his English work very carefully! He has written a super ending to our 'Butterflies' story we explored and created some super symmetrical butterfly drawings to go alongside it! 
George has worked super hard this week, researching rainforests and butterflies. He has created two brilliant fact files with lots of interesting information and some nice pictures to go with them! Check them out below! 
Alice's hamster (Daisy) is trying hard to still get her five a day during lockdown!
Alice has been super busy doing some daily online maths! Luckily, she has had Daisy the hamster to help her! Keep up the great effort!

Hey, I just met you and this is Daisy!

Check out Noah's super science experiments! He has tested different paper helicopters and also created a zip wire for a teddy. I bet Crispin would love a go on that! The slow motion video is very cool! Keep up the great work!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

Still image for this video

Class 5 have been keeping busy!