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Lydney Church of England Community School (VC)

Lydney Church of England Community School (VC)

A caring Christian community where every child achieves a love of life and of learning

Luke 10:25-37

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How does Geography meet our curriculum intent?

Belonging, Well-being, Spirituality, World Aware, Possibilities


Our Christian values of trust, friendship, respect, forgiveness, courage and truthfulness are golden threads interwoven throughout the teaching and learning of Geography here at Lydney C of E. Our Geography curriculum is based around 5 drivers that underpin positive learning attitudes and the development of the whole child.


World Aware: Our teaching and learning of Geography at Lydney C of E is aimed at developing a deep interest and knowledge of pupils’ locality and how this differs from other areas of the world. Each year, children revisit and add to their knowledge and understanding of the wider world, learning in increasing depth about the diverse and complex people and places that exist in the world. Children are encouraged to think critically and to reflect on issues impacting the wider world and how this relates to their own lives.


Possibilities: Our Geography curriculum here at Lydney C of E aims to introduce children to a wide-range of places, cultures and people and to open our students’ eyes to all the possibilities that are out there in the wider world: possibilities of travel, possibilities of fieldwork and exploration, possibilities of understanding world affairs, possibilities of appreciating other cultures, possibilities of making a positive change both in our local communities and to broader global issues.


Belonging: Alongside a clear and carefully planned development of core geographical knowledge, our Geography curriculum also aims to support students in developing a strong sense of place. Children have regular opportunities to explore and learn more about their own locality, whether in school or in the local area. They are given opportunities to reflect on their identity, sense of belonging and their place within our own communities, as well as the wider world.


Spirituality: At Lydney C of E, we understand the importance of developing in children that sense of awe and wonder, of providing opportunities for children to learn more about and to reflect on their spiritual and moral development. Our Geography curriculum is integral to this. By exposing children to some of the many wonderful and amazing people and places that exist both locally and further afield and by encouraging them to ask and engage with ‘big questions’ around global affairs and environmental issues, we aim to nurture in our students a curiosity and fascination with the world that will stay with them throughout their lives.


Well-being: Our Geography curriculum has a variety of opportunities for enquiry, practical investigation and fieldwork. At Lydney C of E, we recognise how taking an active role in Geography learning and how engaging with our local communities can support our students’ well-being. Geography lessons are a time to engage with questions and queries about the world around us and to better understand our relationship with the physical world.


At Lydney C of E School, we strive to be inclusive and achieve this in Geography lessons by actively encouraging all students to engage, explore and question each other’s knowledge and understanding of the world and to work collaboratively in geographical enquiries. By making connections to our locality, current affairs and to students’ own interests, we aim for Geography to be creative and inspiring, enabling all children to develop geographical skills in interesting and diverse ways. To nurture our children, Geography should be enjoyable and an opportunity for students to ask questions freely and to develop their personal understanding of their place in the world and how they relate to others.