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Lydney Church of England Community School (VC)

Lydney Church of England Community School (VC)

A caring Christian community where every child achieves a love of life and of learning

Luke 10:25-37

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How does Music meet our curriculum drivers?

Belonging, Well-being, Spirituality, World Aware, Possibilities


Our Christian values of trust, friendship, respect, forgiveness, courage and truthfulness are golden threads interwoven throughout the teaching and learning of Music here at Lydney C of E. Our Music curriculum is based around 5 drivers that underpin positive learning attitudes and the development of the whole child.


World Aware: Our curriculum introduces children to music from all around the world and across generations, teaching children to respect and appreciate the music of all traditions and communities. Elements of music history are taught within our curriculum and the areas of music we study are placed in context to help broaden our children’s understanding and knowledge of the musical world around them.


Possibilities: Whenever possible, cross-curricular music links are made and children throughout their time at Lydney C of E are exposed to a variety of music, musicians, performances and careers in the arts. All children are encouraged to represent the school as they reach Key Stage 2 by participating in the School’s in Glee Club. It is also possible for children to continue to develop their love of the subject through peripatetic music tuition in a variety of instruments. Children also receive specialist whole class instrument tuition in Year 4 and extra-curricular music-based clubs are also available at different times through the year.  


Belonging: Whole class teaching ensures that all children feel valued. It often the case that children who may struggle in some areas of the curriculum can shine in music and the arts which leads to new possibilities for them as well as confidence building. A can-do attitude is promoted throughout all music lessons so that all children can fully participate and the more musically able can share their skills and be encouraged to take leadership roles within the lesson.


Spirituality: At Lydney C of E, we understand the important role that music plays in supporting self-reflection and growth. Music has the power to connect us to something greater and to unite us. We use music at Lydney C of E to foster children’s spiritual development and as a vehicle for worship and praise.


Well-being: The physical and mental health benefits of music and particularly singing are well documented to improve well-being. Singing together as a group, the class or the whole school fosters a sense of belonging. Short singing or rhythmic activities can focus concentration.


At Lydney C of E School, we strive to be inclusive and achieve this in music lessons by ensuring music is varied and achievable to all.  By making connections with other parts of the curriculum where possible, we aim for music to be creative and inspiring, enabling all children to develop their skills in interesting and diverse ways. To nurture our children, music should be enjoyable and a time to be yourself and to explore ways of expressing one’s identity and emotions.