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Lydney Church of England Community School (VC)

Lydney Church of England Community School (VC)

A caring Christian community where every child achieves a love of life and of learning

Luke 10:25-37

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How does PE meet our curriculum drivers?

Underpinning our Physical Education curriculum are our Christian values: trust, friendship, respect, forgiveness, courage and truthfulness and curriculum drivers. All curriculum areas, including PE, are shaped by our drivers - Belonging, Well-being, Spirituality, World Aware, Possibilities. 



Physical activity and sports within our school is a vehicle for bringing children together. It not only makes friendship groups stronger, but can also be a way of creating inclusiveness and acceptance where it otherwise may not exist. A sense of belonging for individuals can be created in paired work, group work and team sports and events. Outdoor education enables peers to achieve common goals and helps them to develop and strengthen their friendships, apply social skills such as negotiation, conflict resolution and diplomacy.


Well Being

Physical Education at Lydney C of E aims to promote an active, healthy and enjoyable lifestyle. Our lessons reinforce the importance of exercise and the impact it can have on our health and lifestyle. We encourage our pupils to have the motivation, confidence, physical and social competence, knowledge and understanding to maintain physical activity throughout their school life and beyond.



During PE lessons children can develop a sense of enjoyment and fascination in learning about themselves, their bodies and its movement. Pupils are consistently encouraged to use their imagination and creativity in their learning and translate this into performances and routines in both dance and gymnastics.


World Aware

Individuals and teams from the world of sport are used as examples of hard work, dedication and determination in physical education. These people are celebrated around our school. Sporting events around the world are often highlighted to the children to show how far and wide Physical Education has its place.



Children within the Key Stage 2 are regularly given the opportunity to partake in sporting competitions and this often leads to the participation in larger scale sporting events. Children who demonstrate advanced skills during PE lessons or clubs are, where possible, are signposted towards external support through local clubs and coaches.